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You’re my Thrill (2011)

Gay themed story of two guys who meet to have sex after talking by chat and something unexpected happens.   Directed By – Antonio Calvo Elorri Starring – Antonio Calvo, Javier Gabrielsson   Runtime – 13:35

Yeah No Definitely (2007)

Two friends head out to a party to have some fun and relax. Little do they know that they are both about to deal with emotions about their lives that bring them together in a way neither of them expected.   Directed By – Dave Snyder Produced By – Dave Snyder Starring Vincent Piazza, Alan …Read more »

The Young Prime Minister (2010)

What’s a single mother to do when her son decides he wants to wear a pair of pink sneakers to school? Directed By – Bill Taylor Produced By – Broken Frame Films Starring Patricia Fagan, Graeme Jokic,  Paulette Sinclair Runtime – 11:25

The Young and Evil (2008)

A sexually defiant teen sets out to seduce an HIV prevention advocate into giving him the virus. Directed By – Julian Breece Produced By – Game Theory Films Starring Vaughn Lowery, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, Reggie Watkins Runtime – 15:03

You Can’t Curry Love (2009)

A handsome South Asian from London visits India, falls for a local guy, encounters a transgender ‘hijra’, and discovers a country he only thought he knew. Directed By – Reid Waterer Produced By – Suncrest Productions Starring Ashwin Gore, Rakshak Sahni Runtime – 23:28