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Running Without Sound (2004)

Coming to terms with who we are is hard enough to tell people, but for Sean he must come to terms with his exploration in a world that he cannot hear and a world that does not always hear him. A fascinating story of love, trust, and friendship. Directed By – Judd King Produced By – Judd …Read more »

Romeo’s Kiss (2007)

A young male discovers his attraction to his girlfriends scene partner in a school production of Romeo and Juliet. After being asked to play the role of juliet when his girlfriend has to leave rehearsal, he finds himself becoming attracted to the other male character. Directed By – Julien Edgar Produced By – Julien Edgar Starring Florent …Read more »

Ronny (2013)

A young man comes to terms with his sexuality and his hidden love for his best friend Directed By – Guy Shalem Produced By – Futureleap Media, Bad Hat Harry Productions Starring Adam Berry, Luke Humprhey Runtime – 20:33

Run to Me (2007)

David has stopped speaking to his running buddy, Ben. David writes Ben a letter asking him to forgive him and telling him that he wants to run with him again. When David finally meets up with Ben, will he have the courage to give Ben the letter in which he reveals his true feelings for …Read more »

Rapid Guy Movement (2004)

Directed By – Sean Michael Beyer Produced By – Eye Scream Films Starring Paul Katami, Bill Duggan   Runtime – 8:31

ReSet (2010)

Assaf and Yotam. 26 year-old gay lovers, wake up one day to discover they’re 18 again and back in high-school, on the legendary day in which they became a couple.   Directed By – Yair Peri Produced By – Hilan Ben-Baruch, Inbal Magnezi Starring Assaf Averbuch, Gil Weiss, Einat Shahak   Runtime – 13:17