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No Ordinary Joe (2005)

Closeted gay boy Matthew is having a bit of trouble keeping his feelings to himself and Joe Orton outta his daydreams.   Directed By – Jules Nurrish Produced By – Alex Thiele Starring Alexis Gregory, Jackie Howe, Alastair Thomson Mills   Runtime – 12:24

Non-Love-Song (2009)

A short film about two high school best friends on their last day of the summer before heading apart for college. Directed By – Erik Gernand Produced By – The Media Bunch Starring Joe Sinopoli, Lawrence Kern Runtime – 8:06

The Naturalist (2012)

A gay man living in a genetically modified society is given the chance to alter his sexuality. He must weigh his loving relationship, his dignity and his survival in this short film about the origins of sexuality. Directed By – Connor Hurley Produced By – Connor Hurley Starring Walker Hare, Alena Chinault, Stephen Sheffer, Carlton Tanis Runtime …Read more »