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Lovely Faggot (2013)

Walking around at the beach, Peter meets his classmate Chris. This guy is already tipsy and calls Peter a “faggot”. But he doesn’t take any shit from him. A short film about internalized homophobia.   Directed By – Falk Steinborn Produced By – Falk Steinborn   Runtime – 5:34

Love and Deaf (2004)

A talkative man finds Mr. Right in the men’s room.   Directed By – Adam Baran Produced By – Nancy Kim Starring Rich Delia, Brett Hemmerling   Runtime – 7:15

Lo Que Quiero De Ti (What I Want from You) (2012)

Dario is obsessed with a guy. Victor is obsessed with all the guys.   Directed By – Miguel Lafuente Produced By – Parandroid Films Starring Jaime Astuy, Juan Luis Peinado, Helena Puig   Runtime – 12:59

Lost (2013)

Directed By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong Produced By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong Starring Yang Yitao, Qu Xiaochun, Gao Shuang, Li Yang   Runtime – 16:10

Lonesome Bridge (2005)

A gay college student stumbles into trouble when he falls in love with his homophobic suite mate.   Directed By – Brian Rowe Produced By – Momentum Films Starring Ben Gaetanos, Austin Beckford, Aimee St. Piere   Runtime – 18:26

A Little Bit (2012)

A bittersweet drama that documents the relationship dynamics between two young men, Sam and Will, over a period of time, placing their romantic feelings under scrutiny. The film depicts their very human sense of fragility and vulnerability, but ultimately, also of their maturity.   Directed By – Terence Sham Produced By – Terence Sham Starring …Read more »

Like a Brother (2002)

At a Labor Day picnic a gay teenager struggles to keep his cool as his best friend brags about the size of his muscles and other attributes.   Directed By – Alexandra T. Steele Produced By – University of Southern California (USC) Starring Damien Midkiff, Ryan Honey, Lane Anderson, Joe Ahmadyar   Runtime – 11:35

Laundromat (2008)

Set in a neighborhood laundromat, “Laundromat” is a Romantic drama-edy that follows a young gay couple, who after a chance encounter with an older man, realize that the little things mean nothing and everything when it comes to love.   Directed By – Edward Gunawan Produced By – Add Word Productions, Adelante Tv Films Starring …Read more »

La Derade (2011)

Two lovers talking on a beach in France. One hides the fact that he is in need of a heart transplant. He knows that someone has to die so that he may live. But to find out who it was that died so that he may live.   Directed By – Pascal Latil Produced By …Read more »

Lloyd Neck (2008)

Alex has a crush on her brother’s friend Jesse. But Jesse likes Alex’s brother Taylor. Alex knows something is up with her brother. He’s in a strange place and he takes Alex and Jesse to his favorite spot. Directed By – Benedict Campbell Produced By – Saturday Pictures Starring Aaron Michael Davies, Carina Goldbach, Brian Dare Runtime …Read more »