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In Half (2012)

After his twin’s wake, James spends an afternoon with his brother’s ex-boyfriend, learning more about his brother and more about himself. Directed By – Adam Tyree Produced By – Adam Tyree Starring Jake Brown, Adam Bucci Runtime – 14:17

The Invention (2013)

A man struggling with his sexuality crosses paths with a student working on a time travel device which takes him to AN alternate universe and leads to his seduction. Directed By – Andy Mukherjee Produced By – AAC Films London Starring Matheus Guimaraes, Carl Leroy Runtime – 14:27

It Gets Better (2014)

“It Gets Better” is a gay love story between Adam, a closeted jock, and Pierre, an openly gay boy, that revolves around peer pressure, bullying and acceptance. Directed By – Davin Tjen Produced By – Davin Tjen Starring Jason Berrent, Brett Girard, Guilherme Scarabelot Runtime – 4:44

I Suck (2010)

A closeted gay vampire deals with the awkward ‘coming out’ scenario. Directed By – Jason Bowers Produced By – CIE Productions, Cinekoncept Starring Wendy Luxor, Daniel Coffman, Matthew Vaughan, Cindie Haynie Runtime – 16:02

Into the Night (2002)

A lost and fragile rent boy meets a wealthy man playing out a lonely game. Over one night their lives intersect in unexpected ways, blurring the lines between betrayer and betrayed.   Directed By – Tony Krawitz Produced By – Rachel Clements, Melissa Johnston Starring Bryan Marshall, Sebastian Lamour   Runtime – 14:50

I Quit (2009)

Finn Page is 20 years old. Recently, he has ended his first relationship, however, he’s not dealing with it very well. He resolves that quitting dating is the only option to prevent his heart from breaking again. Now, its up to his friends to convince him that sitting on the sidelines won’t make him happy. …Read more »

It’s Consuming Me (2012)

I can’t move on. I wish I could. But I’m caught in the thought of what could have been, losing my grip on reality.   Directed By – Kai Stanicke  Produced By – Kai Stanicke  Starring Volkmar Leif Gilbert, Alberto Venceslau, Patrick Sonberger   Runtime – 3:09

I am Syd Stone (2014)

A Hollywood heartthrob returns home to rekindle an old closeted relationship. Directed By – Denis Theriault Produced By – Colin Davis Starring Gharrett Patrick Paon, Michael Gaty, Fonya Irvine Runtime – 10:30