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Housemates (2009)

Aashiq, an Australian born Muslim man in his 20’s lives a great life, sharing his home with best friend Aly and his lover David. There’s just one thing he needs to do: come out to his mother.   Directed By – Lee Matthews Produced By – Matthewswood Productions Starring Osamah Sami, Andrew Baker   Runtime – …Read more »

Honeypot (2010)

A male public toilet on a remote beach: leaning against the wall is a gorgeous young man, who looks like a cowboy in an old cigarette ad. An Asian man appears. He’s doing the beat. He sees CowBoy, and smiles a shy smile — that man is way beyond his reach — but wait, he’s …Read more »

Homophobia (2012)

An adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. It’s their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons. Directed By – Gregor Schmidinger Produced By – Irrational Realm Productions Starring Michael Glantschnig, Josef Mohamed, Günther Sturmlechner, Harald Bodingbauer Runtime – 23:29

HerzHaft (2007)

Felix is secretly in love with Ralph. This doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem. But Felix is 15 and Ralph his 34 years old soccer coach. They meet every day in an ambush. One day Felix mother finds out and Ralph has to decide between feeling and reason. Directed By – Martin Busker Produced By …Read more »

Heartland (2007)

H. G. is living a happy and openly gay life in New York must return to Iowa to help his alcoholic father save the family farm. He no longer feels he is a member of his family tribe but digs into the work along side his father and a hired hand, Ryan, who has his …Read more »

Heart (2010)

Damien is compelled to follow his heart for one last chance at happiness. Watching out for him are Fiona and Doc who prove that family isn’t always who you’re born to but who’s got your back. Directed By – Mark Cogan Produced By – Medicine Hat Films Starring Frank Prendergast, George Hanover, Shane Casey, Jon Whitty Runtime …Read more »