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The Favor (2011)

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. Directed By – Harrison J. Bahe Produced By – Navajo Joe Films Starring Michael Henry, Bogdan Korishev Runtime – 6:00

Faceless (2012)

Faceless is the story of that faceless person who doesn’t fit the stereotypical image in the gay community. From the perspective of a faceless man the film attempts to bring to the fore the problems of discrimination, segregation and white supremacy within the gay community in North America. Directed By – Karan Singh Produced By …Read more »

Fair Play (2008)

Marie and Steven are a young and happy couple… although so it appears. Directed By – Johan Vancauwenbergh Produced By – Narafi Brussel Starring Steven Boen, Tom De Hoog, Janne Desmet Runtime – 7:58

Fantabulous (2009)

Nothing gets in the way of being fantabulous.  Directed By – Joasia Goldyn Produced By – Trisha Flood Starring Aaron Rodgers, Mel Ryan Runtime – 4:10

The Favor 2 (2012)

In this sequel to one of our most infamous short films, we encounter bigger gay misunderstandings… or do we?  Directed By – Harrison J. Bahe Produced By – Navajo Joe Films Starring Frank Prell, RJ Serra Runtime – 8:30

Flatmates (2007)

A gay guy and a straight guy become roommates and boundaries are crossed.  Directed By – Magnus Mork Produced By – Filmhögskolan Starring Sven Borang, Jonas Eskilsson, Emilie Lidgard Runtime – 20:50

Far West (2003)

Ricky heads back to his families farm in the French countryside to visit his grandfather at his mothers request. Leaving Paris for pasture, he is confronted by his grandfather, an aged old farmer, who has little patience for his grandsons “lifestyle”. But, there is more to it than meets the eye.   Directed By – Pascal-Alex …Read more »

Fast Forward (2004)

Directed By – Alexis Van Stratum Produced By – Bavo Defurne Starring Geert Hunaerts, Matteo Simoni   Runtime – 5:22

Freunde (The Whiz Kids) (2001)

Two sixteen year old boys, Marcos and Johannes, spend their days racing, wrestling, hanging out, watching videos and playing hide-and-seek at nights. A closeness develops between the two of them, which soon starts to become a calamity to their friendship.   Directed By – Jan Kruger, Oliver Schwabe Produced By – Academy of Media Arts Cologne Starring …Read more »

Fruhstuck? (Breakfast?) (2002)

Boris is smitten with Til. But when they are about to kiss for the first time an inter-loper joins them. Much to Boris’ dismay and Til’s delight. Will jealousy ruin everything?   Directed By – Alexander Pfeuffer Produced By – BoomtownMedia GmbH & Co. Starring Tobias Schenke, Nico Link, Anna Thalbach   Runtime – 13:01