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Dream Kitchen (2000)

Short film from Ireland about a boy coming out to his parents with a twist.   Directed By – Barry Dignam Produced By – Hit and Run Productions Starring Andrew Lovern, Caroline Rothwell, Frank Coughlan   Runtime – 7:55

Diumenge (Sunday) (2012)

Directed By – Jordi Estape, Marc Vilajuana Produced By – EEscena 0 Starring Enric Domingo, Alex Duran, Enric González   Runtime – 13:31

Dirty Love (2006)

Naivity. Confusion. Teenage Derik escapes his town for Los Angeles in search of something. Lost in the city maze and seduced by a hustler, he finds himself.   Directed By – Michael Tringe Produced By – Paula Bird Starring Dustin Varpness, D.T. Matias   Runtime – 5:55

Dinero Facil (Easy Money) (2010)

Jaime, a young and attractive male prostitute, arrives to a hotel room to earn what he believes will be easy money. But to his surprise the client has a different deal in mind… Soon, the situation will take a turn to the unexpected.   Directed By – Carlos Montero Produced By – Carlos Montero Starring Mario Casas, Ales …Read more »

Der Brief (The Letter) (2008)

Two boys in the last century, a feeling and a rumor that goes around: That’s what the short film “The letter” is about. Two boys are in love with each other but one can’t show his feelings as he wants to. He denies his feelings because being gay is one of the worst things to …Read more »

David (2005)

A young mute student goes to the movies when ditching school, but changes his mind when he meets an unemployed man who tries to communicate with him. Through messages and games, the two will make a discovery they never imagined.   Directed By – Roberto Fiesco Produced By – Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE) Starring Jorge Adrian …Read more »

Dol (First Birthday) (2011)

A gay Korean-American man yearns for a family life just out of reach. Directed By – Andrew Ahn Produced By – Andrew Ahn Starring Muki Grossberg, Joshua Kwak, James S.W. Lee, Martin Lee Runtime – 11:11

The Disco Years (1994)

Tom Peters looks back to 1978, the year in high school that he came out of the closet. Tom’s mom is both sweet and intrusive, urging him to take out girls. She also drags him to her disco-dancing lessons. His friendship with Matt becomes his first love, and then Matt turns on Tom with homophobic …Read more »

Disarm (2010)

Two men meet online for a hook-up, but after an initial confrontation, they fall into conversation and have something they did not expect: a connection. Directed By – Nathan Keene Produced By – Will Faulkner Starring David Ryan Kinsman, Taris Tyler Runtime – 17:27

Diffidence (2010)

A gay, closet screenwriter, Darrel, is forced to collaborate on a project with another writer, Ryan. As the partnership grinds on, Darrel is forced to confront and accept himself for who he is deep down inside.  Directed By – Jerry Tai Produced By – Jerry Tai Starring Ryan Irwin, Dan Dumsha Runtime – 6:30