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Chaser (2013)

Alienated from his conservative Jewish family and community, a promising, young, gay schoolteacher (Max Rhyser) seeks solace in New York’s barebacking scene.  Directed By – Sal Bardo Produced By – Sal Bardo Starring Max Rhyser, Rachel Claire, Ismael Cruz Cordova Runtime – 15:01

Chicken (2001)

Two boys hang out at a beach at dusk. A game of dare tests the limits of their trust and redefines the boundaries of their relationship. Directed By – Barry Dignam Produced By – Hit and Run Productions Starring Darren Healy, Niall O’Shea Runtime – 2:47

Un Chant d’Amour (2012)

Two prisoners longing for human contact and affection, a transcendent friendship in a simple act of sharing a cigarette.   Directed By – Sam Scott Schiavo Produced By – Sam Scott Schiavo Starring Patrick Hollensteiner, Patrick Melech   Runtime – 5:01

The Closet (2008)

An old man recalls the moment that defined his life. Directed By – Stewart Hendler Produced By – One Films Inc Starring Jay Edwards, Andy Scott Harris Runtime – 3:26

Crush (2000)

Directed By – Phillip J. Bartell Produced By – Goin’ Back Productions Starring Brett Chukerman, Ema Tuennerman, Weston Mueller Runtime – 27:22

Coffee (2004)

In this short comedic gay film with , a group of guys go to a coffee shop where the ex-girlfriend of one of the guys will also be present. He soon discovers his attraction to his ex girlfriends confident gay friend and clearly wants to do something about it.  Directed By – Todd Bartoo Produced …Read more »

Chalk Lines (2006)

Directed By – Daniel Brophy Produced By – Daniel Brophy Starring Callum McBain, Hugh Southhall, John Teague, Ewen Crockett   Runtime – 9:18

Candy Boy (2007)

Panic in the orphanage! The children are mysteriously falling ill and Candy Boy, the most valiant of the orphans, investigates. But the arrival of a new boarder complicates our hero’s inquiries   Directed By – Pascal-Alex Vincent Produced By – Folimage Starring Marie-Christine Darah, Julien Bouanich, Chloe Berthier, Aymen Saidi   Runtime – 12:51

Caught (2008)

Set in 1948, Caught is the musical memory story of a shy teenager who gets tempted to give into his desires by a handsome new student.   Directed By – David C. Jones Produced By – DCJ Productions Starring Joshua James, Blair Hayashi   Runtime – 8:45

Change (2012)

Life without love could be depressing. Every day the sam rythm that tends to be boring. But sometimes there is a suprise in our everydays routine – another person that makes us smile.    Directed By – Niko Vallera Produced By – Kue Chang Starring Cody Behan, Niko Vallera   Runtime – 2:24