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Un Chant d’Amour (2012)

Two prisoners longing for human contact and affection, a transcendent friendship in a simple act of sharing a cigarette.   Directed By – Sam Scott Schiavo Produced By – Sam Scott Schiavo Starring Patrick Hollensteiner, Patrick Melech   Runtime – 5:01

Cure(d) (2011)

After coming out to his parents and wanting to be ‘normal’, Jason takes what he believes to be a cure for being gay.   Directed By – Aaron Chan Produced By – Aaron Chan Starring Michael Germant, Sarah Harlow, Pascal Belanger, Aaron Chan   Runtime – 6:06

Chalk Lines (2006)

Directed By – Daniel Brophy Produced By – Daniel Brophy Starring Callum McBain, Hugh Southhall, John Teague, Ewen Crockett   Runtime – 9:18

Change (2012)

Life without love could be depressing. Every day the sam rythm that tends to be boring. But sometimes there is a suprise in our everydays routine – another person that makes us smile.    Directed By – Niko Vallera Produced By – Kue Chang Starring Cody Behan, Niko Vallera   Runtime – 2:24

Celebration (2002)

Directed By – Daniel Stedman Starring Alex H. Krinsky, Kristen Vermilyea, Barry Zaslova   Runtime – 4:51

Caught (2008)

Set in 1948, Caught is the musical memory story of a shy teenager who gets tempted to give into his desires by a handsome new student.   Directed By – David C. Jones Produced By – DCJ Productions Starring Joshua James, Blair Hayashi   Runtime – 8:45

Candy Boy (2007)

Panic in the orphanage! The children are mysteriously falling ill and Candy Boy, the most valiant of the orphans, investigates. But the arrival of a new boarder complicates our hero’s inquiries   Directed By – Pascal-Alex Vincent Produced By – Folimage Starring Marie-Christine Darah, Julien Bouanich, Chloe Berthier, Aymen Saidi   Runtime – 12:51

Crush (2000)

Directed By – Phillip J. Bartell Produced By – Goin’ Back Productions Starring Brett Chukerman, Ema Tuennerman, Weston Mueller Runtime – 27:22

The Confession (2000)

When an aged man feels the need to confess to the new catholic priest, his gay lover of many years is hurt and upset. Directed By – Carl Pfirman Produced By – Carl Pfirman Starring Bert Kramer, Tom Fitzpatrick, Christopher Liebe Runtime – 22:17

Coffee Club (2011)

A young man is ostracized from his social group on the grounds that he might not be gay. Directed By – David C. Jones Produced By – DCJ Productions Starring Dan Dumsha, Nelson Wong, Sean Parsons Runtime – 4:47