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Available Men (2006)

An unexpected encounter between a Hollywood agent on the job and a sweet gay man waiting for a date create a new experience both men were not expecting.   Directed By – David Dean Bottrell Produced By – Bates Entertainment Starring Brian Gattas, Jack Plotnick, Richard Ruccolo, Kostas Sommer Runtime – 14:15

Anything Once (1997)

Both Joey and Mike are faced with breaking boundaries that previously limited them.  There’s a first time for everything.   Directed By – Dan Aeberhard Produced By – Dan Aeberhard Productions Starring William Gregory Lee, Michael D. Arenz Runtime – 22:37

Alkali, Iowa (1995)

A young man lives in the middle western part of the USA which holds onto strong conservative views.  Being a young man with a secret he knows he cannot be open about, he slowly starts to find other men that feel just the same.   Directed By – Mark Christopher Produced By – Wildword Productions Starring J.D. …Read more »

Al Buio (In the Dark) (2005)

Sometimes sexual tension can arise in unexpected places. Directed By – Fabio Mollo Produced By – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Starring Josefia Forli, Daniele Grassetti Runtime – 12:39

After the Sky Turned Black (2012)

The secrets of a photojournalists history are unraveled throughout a night out with a younger man from a bar. Directed By -Ellis Watamanuk Produced By – Ellis Watamanuk Starring Travis Grant, Nicholas Wilder, Ara Woland Runtime – 11:33