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Amor crudo (Raw Love) (2008)

A portrait of the last days of high school. Two friends spend all day long together, but this will inevitably come to an end. A beautiful sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that dare not speak loud.   Directed By – Juan Chappa, Martin Deus Produced By – Kimono Productions Starring Katja Alemann, Valentino Arocena, Juan Felipe Villanueva …Read more »

Alkali, Iowa (1995)

A young man lives in the middle western part of the USA which holds onto strong conservative views.  Being a young man with a secret he knows he cannot be open about, he slowly starts to find other men that feel just the same.   Directed By – Mark Christopher Produced By – Wildword Productions Starring J.D. …Read more »

Anything Once (1997)

Both Joey and Mike are faced with breaking boundaries that previously limited them.  There’s a first time for everything.   Directed By – Dan Aeberhard Produced By – Dan Aeberhard Productions Starring William Gregory Lee, Michael D. Arenz Runtime – 22:37

After the Sky Turned Black (2012)

The secrets of a photojournalists history are unraveled throughout a night out with a younger man from a bar. Directed By -Ellis Watamanuk Produced By – Ellis Watamanuk Starring Travis Grant, Nicholas Wilder, Ara Woland Runtime – 11:33

Anochecer (Nightfall) (2012)

There’s a moment, just one, where all the circumstances are given, and it is time to face the first step…   Directed By – Lucas Mac Dougall Produced By – Lucas Mac Dougall Starring Leandro Gauto, Juan Yarcho   Runtime – 9:00

Al Buio (In the Dark) (2005)

Sometimes sexual tension can arise in unexpected places. Directed By – Fabio Mollo Produced By – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Starring Josefia Forli, Daniele Grassetti Runtime – 12:39

Babysitting Andy (2007)

What do you do if you’re nine and nobody will tell you what “fellatio” means? When Andy’s Uncle and his boyfriend arrive to babysit, Andy is not on her best behaviour. Armed with a supersoaker and a devious mind, Andy corners the men, who can do nothing buy comply. Directed By – Pat Mills Produced By …Read more »

Anniversary (2011)

Directed By – Royston Tan Produced By – Chuan Pictures Starring Shane Mardjuki, Jae Leung, Cheriyan Lydia Natalia,    Runtime – 15:00

Available Men (2006)

An unexpected encounter between a Hollywood agent on the job and a sweet gay man waiting for a date create a new experience both men were not expecting.   Directed By – David Dean Bottrell Produced By – Bates Entertainment Starring Brian Gattas, Jack Plotnick, Richard Ruccolo, Kostas Sommer Runtime – 14:15

Animal Drill (2010)

A son must prove his manhood to his father by trying out for a high school basketball team.   Directed By – Patrick Murphy Produced By – Robert Murphy Murphy Starring Antoine Harris, Floyd Marshall Jr, Obatala Mawusi   Runtime – 23:19