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Alonso’s Deadline (2007)

A recently widowed professor, Dr. Alonso, finds new hope in an unlikely connection with a young school janitor.   Directed By – Mario Galarreta Produced By – BlueDreams Starring Glen Caspillo, Bradly Mena, Pedro Salrach   Runtime – 6:16

Animal Drill (2010)

A son must prove his manhood to his father by trying out for a high school basketball team.   Directed By – Patrick Murphy Produced By – Robert Murphy Murphy Starring Antoine Harris, Floyd Marshall Jr, Obatala Mawusi   Runtime – 23:19

Accidently Gay (2001)

After having a night out on the town, two young “STRAIGHT” men wake up in the same bed together. They try to figure out the events, and things that took place between the two of them.    Directed By – Cameron Thrower Produced By – Cameron Thrower Starring Brandon Massey, Martin Belmana, Mikey McKernan   Runtime – 8:00

After the Sky Turned Black (2012)

The secrets of a photojournalists history are unraveled throughout a night out with a younger man from a bar. Directed By -Ellis Watamanuk Produced By – Ellis Watamanuk Starring Travis Grant, Nicholas Wilder, Ara Woland Runtime – 11:33

Anniversary (2011)

Directed By – Royston Tan Produced By – Chuan Pictures Starring Shane Mardjuki, Jae Leung, Cheriyan Lydia Natalia,    Runtime – 15:00

Al Buio (In the Dark) (2005)

Sometimes sexual tension can arise in unexpected places. Directed By – Fabio Mollo Produced By – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Starring Josefia Forli, Daniele Grassetti Runtime – 12:39

Anniversary (2012)

Jorge tries to find a way to make his one-year anniversary special and unique amongst existing cliched ideas.   Directed By – Aaron Chan Produced By – Aaron Chan Starring Ryan Clayton, Brendan James Boyd   Runtime – 3:39

Alkali, Iowa (1995)

A young man lives in the middle western part of the USA which holds onto strong conservative views.  Being a young man with a secret he knows he cannot be open about, he slowly starts to find other men that feel just the same.   Directed By – Mark Christopher Produced By – Wildword Productions Starring J.D. …Read more »

Anochecer (Nightfall) (2012)

There’s a moment, just one, where all the circumstances are given, and it is time to face the first step…   Directed By – Lucas Mac Dougall Produced By – Lucas Mac Dougall Starring Leandro Gauto, Juan Yarcho   Runtime – 9:00

Anything Once (1997)

Both Joey and Mike are faced with breaking boundaries that previously limited them.  There’s a first time for everything.   Directed By – Dan Aeberhard Produced By – Dan Aeberhard Productions Starring William Gregory Lee, Michael D. Arenz Runtime – 22:37