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Fair Play (2008)

Marie and Steven are a young and happy couple… although so it appears. Directed By – Johan Vancauwenbergh Produced By – Narafi Brussel Starring Steven Boen, Tom De Hoog, Janne Desmet Runtime – 7:58

Diffidence (2010)

A gay, closet screenwriter, Darrel, is forced to collaborate on a project with another writer, Ryan. As the partnership grinds on, Darrel is forced to confront and accept himself for who he is deep down inside.  Directed By – Jerry Tai Produced By – Jerry Tai Starring Ryan Irwin, Dan Dumsha Runtime – 6:30

Battlefield (2012)

Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings of the situation, they struggle to realise the true connection they long for. Directed By – Tim Marshall Produced By – Tim Marshall Starring Alex Duncan, Heath Miller Runtime – 8:51

33 Teeth (2011)

Chad is the hot older neighbor that grabs Eddies attention.  Eddie starts to decide on what he can do to act on his feelings. Directed By – Evan Roberts Produced By – Evan Roberts Productions Starring Spencer Siegel, James Ratliff, Stephen Felix Runtime – 7:41