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All Over Brazil (2003)

With Scotland in the World Cup in 1974, Stephen (Iain de Caestecker) is more into Glam Rock than football. A story of a family coming to terms with change in uncertain times.   Directed By – David Andrew Ward Produced By – Posh Pictures Starring Frank Gallagher, Iain De Caestecker, Gemma Morrison   Runtime – 9:17

Affinity (2008)

A man falls in love with both a man and a woman at the same time. What will happen when they find him out?   Directed By – Justine Stokes Produced By – Justine Stokes Starring Luis Fernando Midence, Courtney Maistros, Chris Hodge   Runtime – 9:56

Accidently Gay (2001)

After having a night out on the town, two young “STRAIGHT” men wake up in the same bed together. They try to figure out the events, and things that took place between the two of them.    Directed By – Cameron Thrower Produced By – Cameron Thrower Starring Brandon Massey, Martin Belmana, Mikey McKernan   Runtime – 8:00

Ties (2008)

The friendship between two teenage boys is tested when one of them crosses a line. Directed By – Baldvin Kari Produced By – Perfect Film Productions Starring Corey Boardman, Eric Michael Roy Runtime – 5:55

Sunshine Secret (2011)

They love deeply, but they only can say we will be best friend forever. Directed By – Ruby Wu Produced By – Ruby Wu Starring Timo Willman, Sam Treharne Runtime – 5:41

Summer (2006)

Mates emerge from latency into their sexual identities. Will and Leung are pals, searching the woods of Hampstead Heath for botanical material Leung needs for a school class. Along the way, they engage in horseplay, and Will disclosed that his girlfriend recently fellated him. As they walk on, they keep coming back to the subject …Read more »

Stay (2010)

The relationship between a young, gay, Chinese couple comes into question when one of them refuses to stay the night. Directed By – Aaron Chan Produced By – Aaron Chan Starring Minh Ly, Nelson Wong Runtime – 7:58

Run to Me (2007)

David has stopped speaking to his running buddy, Ben. David writes Ben a letter asking him to forgive him and telling him that he wants to run with him again. When David finally meets up with Ben, will he have the courage to give Ben the letter in which he reveals his true feelings for …Read more »

Pristine Books (2002)

A young British man is torn between the hard partying boyfriend he still loves and a successful older Australian man. Directed By – Adam Arkin, Felix Staica Produced By – Martin/Staica Films Starring Andy Cichannowsky, Samuel Evans, David G. Virgo Runtime – 7:01

Only Always You (2012)

Sometimes love can be sketchy. A young man spends his time drawing sketches and daydreaming of a life he wishes to have. Directed By – Anthony Aguiar Produced By – Anthony Aguiar Starring Brandon Rogers, Andy Florian, Baily Hopkins Runtime – 8:31