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Der Brief (The Letter) (2008)

Two boys in the last century, a feeling and a rumor that goes around: That’s what the short film “The letter” is about. Two boys are in love with each other but one can’t show his feelings as he wants to. He denies his feelings because being gay is one of the worst things to …Read more »

Cure(d) (2011)

After coming out to his parents and wanting to be ‘normal’, Jason takes what he believes to be a cure for being gay.   Directed By – Aaron Chan Produced By – Aaron Chan Starring Michael Germant, Sarah Harlow, Pascal Belanger, Aaron Chan   Runtime – 6:06

Chalk Lines (2006)

Directed By – Daniel Brophy Produced By – Daniel Brophy Starring Callum McBain, Hugh Southhall, John Teague, Ewen Crockett   Runtime – 9:18

Caught (2008)

Set in 1948, Caught is the musical memory story of a shy teenager who gets tempted to give into his desires by a handsome new student.   Directed By – David C. Jones Produced By – DCJ Productions Starring Joshua James, Blair Hayashi   Runtime – 8:45

Burl’s (2003)

When a young boy encounters three drag queens outside Burl’s Diner in L.A. he decides that perhaps its time he checked out Mom’s closet…   Directed By – Maryam Karimi Produced By – University of Southern California Starring Mark Hamill, Chandler Kane Kelly, John de Lancie, Marnie Mosiman   Runtime – 9:23

The Boy Im Going To Marry (2002)

A wedding day is shattered when the wife is suspected of cheating. However, there is more going on behind the alleged affair than she thinks.   Directed By – David Beerman Produced By – XXXX Productions Starring David Pinsof, David Blum, Liana Herzig   Runtime – 7:18

Book of Love (2012)

An anniversary gift – a Scrapbook tells the story of a couple and how they fell in love with each other?   Directed By – Nakshatra Bagwe Produced By – Nakshatra Bagwe Starring Nakshatra Bagwe, Ankit Bhuptani   Runtime – 6:21

Between the Boys (2004)

Voyeuristically exploring a relationship between two young men, which falls into the gray area between the sexual experimentation of adolescence and the world of adult emotions, Between the Boys glimpses into one of the few remaining taboos of current times.   Directed By – Jake Yuzna Produced By – Studio Warm Jets Starring Rick Stahlmann, Adam Vanderveen   …Read more »

Anochecer (Nightfall) (2012)

There’s a moment, just one, where all the circumstances are given, and it is time to face the first step…   Directed By – Lucas Mac Dougall Produced By – Lucas Mac Dougall Starring Leandro Gauto, Juan Yarcho   Runtime – 9:00

Alonso’s Deadline (2007)

A recently widowed professor, Dr. Alonso, finds new hope in an unlikely connection with a young school janitor.   Directed By – Mario Galarreta Produced By – BlueDreams Starring Glen Caspillo, Bradly Mena, Pedro Salrach   Runtime – 6:16