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Love and Deaf (2004)

A talkative man finds Mr. Right in the men’s room.   Directed By – Adam Baran Produced By – Nancy Kim Starring Rich Delia, Brett Hemmerling   Runtime – 7:15

Kelly (2010)

21-year-old Michael finds himself chained to his basement wall when his Mother discovers a life-altering secret about him.   Directed By – Brian Rowe Produced By – Momentum Films Starring Ben Baur, Kalina Justice   Runtime – 8:13

Housemates (2009)

Aashiq, an Australian born Muslim man in his 20’s lives a great life, sharing his home with best friend Aly and his lover David. There’s just one thing he needs to do: come out to his mother.   Directed By – Lee Matthews Produced By – Matthewswood Productions Starring Osamah Sami, Andrew Baker   Runtime – …Read more »

Honeypot (2010)

A male public toilet on a remote beach: leaning against the wall is a gorgeous young man, who looks like a cowboy in an old cigarette ad. An Asian man appears. He’s doing the beat. He sees CowBoy, and smiles a shy smile — that man is way beyond his reach — but wait, he’s …Read more »

Gay Baby (2010)

What if you found out your unborn son is GAY? An expectant couple learns their unborn son is gay. Can a young gay store clerk change the father’s reaction from disappointment to excitement?   Directed By – Kevin Patrick Kelly Produced By – Wonder Entertainment Starring Larry Sullivan, Tye Olson, Beth Shea   Runtime – 8:45

Fast Forward (2004)

Directed By – Alexis Van Stratum Produced By – Bavo Defurne Starring Geert Hunaerts, Matteo Simoni   Runtime – 5:22

Even We’re Apart (2013)

Sometimes love comes at the right time, from the right person but ends up in the wrong place. Does distance matter after all? Is it what they call true love that will survive through all of those obstacles? Even we’re apart … what you need is belief …   Directed By – Nguyen Dihn Anh Produced …Read more »

En Colo (Holiday Camp) (2010)

At a meeting of the game “Truth or Dare?” two young boys, Matthew and Maxime, are challenging to embrace. The kiss will cause them some excitement. From that time, teens who witnessed this scene are allusions more or less directly to the possible homosexuality of Maxime. A revelation will then destabilize the group.   Directed …Read more »

Dream Kitchen (2000)

Short film from Ireland about a boy coming out to his parents with a twist.   Directed By – Barry Dignam Produced By – Hit and Run Productions Starring Andrew Lovern, Caroline Rothwell, Frank Coughlan   Runtime – 7:55

Dirty Love (2006)

Naivity. Confusion. Teenage Derik escapes his town for Los Angeles in search of something. Lost in the city maze and seduced by a hustler, he finds himself.   Directed By – Michael Tringe Produced By – Paula Bird Starring Dustin Varpness, D.T. Matias   Runtime – 5:55