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Battlefield (2012)

Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings of the situation, they struggle to realise the true connection they long for. Directed By – Tim Marshall Produced By – Tim Marshall Starring Alex Duncan, Heath Miller Runtime – 8:51

Mi Amigo Jaime (2013)

“Mi amigo Jaime”, tells the story of Dani, a young boy who shares a close friendship with his friend Jaime. Their relationship changes when Dani realizes she feels something more to his friend. Following these events, the lives of both experience an unexpected twist full of strong emotions. Directed By – Alejandro Beltran Produced By – ShortFilm …Read more »

Working it Out (2007)

Peter and Marcus, like any good couple, do everything together, including going to the gym… so where exactly does gym bunny Jeremy fit in? Working it out may not be that easy.   Directed By – Tim Hunter Produced By – Shaun Miller Starring Simon Kearney, Paul Ross, Glaston Toft   Runtime – 5:39

One on One (2010)

A story about compromise, ‘One On One’ follow Alex and Trevor as they work out their relationship on and off the basketball court, after one of them asks the other one to join a waltz class together. Directed By – Luis Fernando Midence Produced By – Luis Fernando Midence Starring Timothy Paul Brown, Braulio Cruz-Ortiz Runtime – 9:34

The Favor 2 (2012)

In this sequel to one of our most infamous short films, we encounter bigger gay misunderstandings… or do we?  Directed By – Harrison J. Bahe Produced By – Navajo Joe Films Starring Frank Prell, RJ Serra Runtime – 8:30

Pristine Books (2002)

A young British man is torn between the hard partying boyfriend he still loves and a successful older Australian man. Directed By – Adam Arkin, Felix Staica Produced By – Martin/Staica Films Starring Andy Cichannowsky, Samuel Evans, David G. Virgo Runtime – 7:01

33 Teeth (2011)

Chad is the hot older neighbor that grabs Eddies attention.  Eddie starts to decide on what he can do to act on his feelings. Directed By – Evan Roberts Produced By – Evan Roberts Productions Starring Spencer Siegel, James Ratliff, Stephen Felix Runtime – 7:41  

Diffidence (2010)

A gay, closet screenwriter, Darrel, is forced to collaborate on a project with another writer, Ryan. As the partnership grinds on, Darrel is forced to confront and accept himself for who he is deep down inside.  Directed By – Jerry Tai Produced By – Jerry Tai Starring Ryan Irwin, Dan Dumsha Runtime – 6:30

Un Chant d’Amour (2012)

Two prisoners longing for human contact and affection, a transcendent friendship in a simple act of sharing a cigarette.   Directed By – Sam Scott Schiavo Produced By – Sam Scott Schiavo Starring Patrick Hollensteiner, Patrick Melech   Runtime – 5:01

The Favor (2011)

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. Directed By – Harrison J. Bahe Produced By – Navajo Joe Films Starring Michael Henry, Bogdan Korishev Runtime – 6:00