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Working it Out (2007)

Peter and Marcus, like any good couple, do everything together, including going to the gym… so where exactly does gym bunny Jeremy fit in? Working it out may not be that easy.   Directed By – Tim Hunter Produced By – Shaun Miller Starring Simon Kearney, Paul Ross, Glaston Toft   Runtime – 5:39

Battlefield (2012)

Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings of the situation, they struggle to realise the true connection they long for. Directed By – Tim Marshall Produced By – Tim Marshall Starring Alex Duncan, Heath Miller Runtime – 8:51

Alonso’s Deadline (2007)

A recently widowed professor, Dr. Alonso, finds new hope in an unlikely connection with a young school janitor.   Directed By – Mario Galarreta Produced By – BlueDreams Starring Glen Caspillo, Bradly Mena, Pedro Salrach   Runtime – 6:16

Park Bench (2007)

A timid young man yearning to connect and express his true attractions finds an opportunity to do so when a handsome stranger sits next to him on a park bench.   Directed By – Elias Benavidez, Jim Le Produced By – Elias Benavidez, Jim Le Starring Clayton Froning, Brian Neufang   Runtime – 6:20

Mi Amigo Jaime (2013)

“Mi amigo Jaime”, tells the story of Dani, a young boy who shares a close friendship with his friend Jaime. Their relationship changes when Dani realizes she feels something more to his friend. Following these events, the lives of both experience an unexpected twist full of strong emotions. Directed By – Alejandro Beltran Produced By – ShortFilm …Read more »

The Favor (2011)

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. Directed By – Harrison J. Bahe Produced By – Navajo Joe Films Starring Michael Henry, Bogdan Korishev Runtime – 6:00

Between the Boys (2004)

Voyeuristically exploring a relationship between two young men, which falls into the gray area between the sexual experimentation of adolescence and the world of adult emotions, Between the Boys glimpses into one of the few remaining taboos of current times.   Directed By – Jake Yuzna Produced By – Studio Warm Jets Starring Rick Stahlmann, Adam Vanderveen   …Read more »

Even We’re Apart (2013)

Sometimes love comes at the right time, from the right person but ends up in the wrong place. Does distance matter after all? Is it what they call true love that will survive through all of those obstacles? Even we’re apart … what you need is belief …   Directed By – Nguyen Dihn Anh Produced …Read more »

Jackpot (2012)

It’s 1994 and there’s no internet, so when closeted 14-year-old Jack Hoffman hears about a stash of porno hidden across town, he decides to brave the bully infested streets of his small New Jersey town, in hopes of getting what he wants. What happens over the course of the day will change everything. Directed By …Read more »

Accidently Gay (2001)

After having a night out on the town, two young “STRAIGHT” men wake up in the same bed together. They try to figure out the events, and things that took place between the two of them.    Directed By – Cameron Thrower Produced By – Cameron Thrower Starring Brandon Massey, Martin Belmana, Mikey McKernan   Runtime – 8:00