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Working it Out (2007)

Peter and Marcus, like any good couple, do everything together, including going to the gym… so where exactly does gym bunny Jeremy fit in? Working it out may not be that easy.   Directed By – Tim Hunter Produced By – Shaun Miller Starring Simon Kearney, Paul Ross, Glaston Toft   Runtime – 5:39

Un Chant d’Amour (2012)

Two prisoners longing for human contact and affection, a transcendent friendship in a simple act of sharing a cigarette.   Directed By – Sam Scott Schiavo Produced By – Sam Scott Schiavo Starring Patrick Hollensteiner, Patrick Melech   Runtime – 5:01

Workout Buddies: A Bro Love Story (2012)

Brian wants to get fit, so he enlists the help of his best friend and fitness expert, Miguel. Brian and Miguel begin working out at the gym together, and they are both having a great time. But eventually, Brian starts getting suspicious when he sees Miguel working out with another bro.   Directed By – …Read more »

Who Leads (2011)

One couple’s new intense connection is questioned in the midst of the disintegration of another couple; who leads when four men come together?   Directed By – Bryan Darling Produced By – Bryan Darling Starring Stephan Georgiou, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Brian Jansen, J.D. Rudometkin   Runtime – 8:11

Sexy Grandpa (2001)

Directed By – Amy Slucter Produced By – University of Southern California (USC) Starring William Speers, Verna Chilton, Janet Hodge   Runtime – 5:26

Rapid Guy Movement (2004)

Directed By – Sean Michael Beyer Produced By – Eye Scream Films Starring Paul Katami, Bill Duggan   Runtime – 8:31

Park Bench (2007)

A timid young man yearning to connect and express his true attractions finds an opportunity to do so when a handsome stranger sits next to him on a park bench.   Directed By – Elias Benavidez, Jim Le Produced By – Elias Benavidez, Jim Le Starring Clayton Froning, Brian Neufang   Runtime – 6:20

On the Bus (2008)

Directed By – Tracy D. Smith Produced By – VFS Productions Starring Giles Panton, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman   Runtime – 5:52

Mate (2012)

Bro, friend or just a mate from university? The relation between Adam and Tom is anything but clear. They know eachother from classes and like to play video games from time to time. But that’s not all, if you follow Adams thoughts.   Directed By – David Lange Produced By – David Lange Starring Jorn …Read more »

Lovely Faggot (2013)

Walking around at the beach, Peter meets his classmate Chris. This guy is already tipsy and calls Peter a “faggot”. But he doesn’t take any shit from him. A short film about internalized homophobia.   Directed By – Falk Steinborn Produced By – Falk Steinborn   Runtime – 5:34