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Undetectable (2015)

Adam, a gay man living with undetectable HIV, must confront the guilt tormenting him in his dreams after betraying and infecting his now dying ex-lover, Raphael. As Adam sets out to reconnect with Raphael on the anniversary of their diagnosis, he discovers that they have both been living nightmares of their own. Directed By – Armand …Read more »

Zwillinge (2010)

On the eve of his wedding Daniel meets again with his true love-his identical twin brother Jan. For the last five years he’s been running away from his feelings. Now, on his stag night he is being tested once more.   Directed By – Florian Gottschick Produced By – Sonke Kirchhof Starring Stefan Schonenberg, Tobias Schonenberg, Natalie …Read more »

The Visitor (2002)

Michael, at his beach-home in Australia, is avoiding phone calls regarding his dear lifelong friend and former lover of two-years Chris who is dying back in Boston, America. While trying to write, he is disturbed by the noisy surfers next door as they get ready for a weekend away of surf. C.K., one of the …Read more »

Who We Are (2010)

Alex tries to rebuild his relationship with his best friend Michael after revealing his feelings for him. When Michael reluctantly agrees to attend a GSA meeting, he reaches a new level of acceptance for Alex. Michael’s parents battle between accepting what they’re religion suggests, and opening their minds to accepting people for who they are. …Read more »

Miles Apart (2003)

All hell breaks loose when Jeffery brings his gay boyfriend home for his sister’s Straight wedding. His mother’s homophobia and his boyfriend Miles (college boyfriend) is caught in the middle of the family.   Directed By – Jonathan Guttman Produced By – LCA Productions Starring Kathleen O’Neil, Craig Burke, Brad Schmid   Runtime – 19:10

Lost (2013)

Directed By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong Produced By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong Starring Yang Yitao, Qu Xiaochun, Gao Shuang, Li Yang   Runtime – 16:10

Lonesome Bridge (2005)

A gay college student stumbles into trouble when he falls in love with his homophobic suite mate.   Directed By – Brian Rowe Produced By – Momentum Films Starring Ben Gaetanos, Austin Beckford, Aimee St. Piere   Runtime – 18:26

Kampvuur (Campfire) (2000)

Short about a camping trip for scouts where a boy falls in love with his best friend and causes tension in the scouting group.   Directed By – Bavo Defurne Produced By – Laika Films Starring Joram Schurmans, Koen Van Heule, Circe Lethem, Maarten Verbeuren   Runtime – 19:28

Golden Hair (2012)

Short film about unrequited love between two boys who struggle to tackle with their feelings and the views of their friends and families. The story follows Callum as he tries to come to terms with the break up of his first real love and coming to terms with his sexuality.   Directed By – Safyaan …Read more »

Gold (2005)

An aging artist losing his vision employs a street hustler to paint for him. Both are desperate, but how far will each go to satisfy his grave needs? This probing film questions where exploitation ends and redemption begins.   Directed By – Armen Kazazian Produced By – Mad Pigeon Starring Aron Tager, PJ Lazic, D. Garnet Harding, Darryn …Read more »