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5 Telephone Conversations (2006)

Meeting through an Internet dating website, John and Korey find a unique connection through a series of telephone conversations. Despite never meeting face to face, each person affects change in the other in an unconventional yet touching love story about finding your counterpart in a technologically isolated world.   Directed By – Travis Cook Produced By …Read more »

306 (2010)

A young man works as an escort on the side to make extra money. These circumstances start to expose his true feelings for what he is doing, and who he is hiding it from.   Directed By – Elliot Dal Pra London Produced By – Elliot Dal Pra London Starring Brian Estel, Scott Lynch-Giddings, Raquel Houghton   …Read more »

13 or so Minutes (2008)

Carlos Salas and Nick Soper star in this short film about two guys who act on the fact that they are incredibly attracted to one another. In the aftermath, one of them seems to have second thoughts. Directed By – Branden Blinn Produced By – Branden Blinn Media Group Starring Nick Soper, Carlos Salas Runtime – 13:55

33 Teeth (2011)

Chad is the hot older neighbor that grabs Eddies attention.  Eddie starts to decide on what he can do to act on his feelings. Directed By – Evan Roberts Produced By – Evan Roberts Productions Starring Spencer Siegel, James Ratliff, Stephen Felix Runtime – 7:41