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The Perfect Plan (2013)

Directed By -Ngo Thanh Phat Produced By – Bang Chau Starring Thien Tung, Pong Nguyen, Phi Pa Runtime – 11:04

The Postcard (2007)

A post office clerk mistakenly thinks that a customer is trying to get her attention by writing open love letters on postcards he sends out. However, although he is trying to catch someone’s attention with these missives, they are actually meant for another postal worker. Directed By – Josh Kim Produced By – Fingerprint Pictures Starring Sunzoo …Read more »

The Naturalist (2012)

A gay man living in a genetically modified society is given the chance to alter his sexuality. He must weigh his loving relationship, his dignity and his survival in this short film about the origins of sexuality. Directed By – Connor Hurley Produced By – Connor Hurley Starring Walker Hare, Alena Chinault, Stephen Sheffer, Carlton Tanis Runtime …Read more »

The Meeting (2009)

A sexual encounter raises doubts and questions from both sides involved. Directed By – Sanjay Sooknanan Produced By – The Pegasus Company Starring Jean Franco, Elise Garza, Kai Lavatai, Baruch Porras Runtime – 11:50

Keel (2009)

Two teenagers explore a shed where they find a small boat and decide to make an imaginary “journey” . In a moment of intimacy, one of the two decide to express their feelings , causing surprise and confusion in the other. Directed By – Gabrielle Russell Produced By – National Film and Television School Starring Tom Harding, …Read more »

The Invention (2013)

A man struggling with his sexuality crosses paths with a student working on a time travel device which takes him to AN alternate universe and leads to his seduction. Directed By – Andy Mukherjee Produced By – AAC Films London Starring Matheus Guimaraes, Carl Leroy Runtime – 14:27

In Half (2012)

After his twin’s wake, James spends an afternoon with his brother’s ex-boyfriend, learning more about his brother and more about himself. Directed By – Adam Tyree Produced By – Adam Tyree Starring Jake Brown, Adam Bucci Runtime – 14:17

HerzHaft (2007)

Felix is secretly in love with Ralph. This doesn’t seem to be the biggest problem. But Felix is 15 and Ralph his 34 years old soccer coach. They meet every day in an ambush. One day Felix mother finds out and Ralph has to decide between feeling and reason. Directed By – Martin Busker Produced By …Read more »

Heartland (2007)

H. G. is living a happy and openly gay life in New York must return to Iowa to help his alcoholic father save the family farm. He no longer feels he is a member of his family tribe but digs into the work along side his father and a hired hand, Ryan, who has his …Read more »

Everybody But Ryan (2009)

Ryan (Jeremy Lucas) has been going through sort of a “dry spell”. His friend Dustin (Mark Strano) tries to come to the rescue and set Ryan up on a blind date (Conor Lane). Ryan is a about to give up all hope on dating and just focus on getting laid when he realizes the one …Read more »