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Sweat (2008)

Simon, whose relationship just ended because his boyfriend told him that he wasn’t adventurous enough, goes to one of the bath houses in London to explore his boundaries to prove to himself -and others- that he can be adventurous; but finds something more. Directed By – John Lochland Produced By – Big Dipper Film Company Starring David …Read more »

Spasibo (2012)

Clement goes to Saint Petersburg for a film festival. When he gets there, nobody can hear him and see him. He vanished. He meets Andrei, a gay Russian who lives the same thing. Directed By – Anais Sartini Produced By – Anais Sartini Starring Clement Bayart, Andrei Odintsov Runtime – 13:20

Slow (2011)

26yo, DDF, 5′ 11″, 185 fit. 7 cut. Vers. Looking to host now. 420 is cool. Send a face pic. Directed By – Darius Clark Monroe Produced By – Darius Clark Monroe Starring Carlton Byrd, Harvey Gardner Moore Runtime – 13:15

Silver Road (2006)

Two young men, best friends since they were little, have lived their whole lives in an isolated farming community in Ontario, Canada. They come to a crossroads as one of them decides to leave their home for a better life in the big city of Toronto, Ontario. Hidden longing, secrets, and truth coming pouring out …Read more »

Signage (2007)

Signage is a little slice of life about two forty-ish gay friends who dish about getting old before going out for a night at the clubs. Our hero has just given himself a makeover and, at the bar, he connects with a young deaf man. Much of the short film is told in sign language, …Read more »

Shabbat Dinner (2012)

Shabbat Dinner is boring as usual for William Shore. His mother has invited two crazy hippies and their son and is doing her best to show off, his father is drunk and berating their oddball guests, and he doesn’t have much in common with their son Virgo. That is, until Virgo tells him about a …Read more »

Secrets (2007)

One night, five teens and a deck of cards. Deception. Revenge. Sex. …and it’s all about to explode. Directed By – Jeff Warden Produced By – Lonely Tree Productions Starring Ber Fox, Lindsay Gareth, Caset Graf Runtime – 14:48

Running Without Sound (2004)

Coming to terms with who we are is hard enough to tell people, but for Sean he must come to terms with his exploration in a world that he cannot hear and a world that does not always hear him. A fascinating story of love, trust, and friendship. Directed By – Judd King Produced By – Judd …Read more »

Romeo’s Kiss (2007)

A young male discovers his attraction to his girlfriends scene partner in a school production of Romeo and Juliet. After being asked to play the role of juliet when his girlfriend has to leave rehearsal, he finds himself becoming attracted to the other male character. Directed By – Julien Edgar Produced By – Julien Edgar Starring Florent …Read more »

Protect Me From What I Want (2009)

Saleem, an Indian student living in Leeds with his parents, meets Daz in a gay cruising spot, and they have a night of mutually enjoyable sex. Saleem is nonetheless ashamed of what he has done but, on leaving the next day, does turn round to smile at Daz. Directed By – Dominic Leclerc Produced By – Whitley-Leclerc …Read more »