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Wedding Plan (2013)

Hong-Kong-Canadian film director Quentin Lee has made a short film highlighting the practice of ‘fake’ marriages, where a gay man and lesbian woman marry, in China.   Directed By – Quentin Lee Produced By – Quentin Lee Starring Li Hong, Meng Ting Yi, Wei Jian Gang   Runtime – 2:31

Wall (2010)

Waiting, craving, listening, downing….Miguel wants to hear what Peter has to say.   Directed By – Juanma Carrillo Produced By – Juanma Carrillo Starring Juan Caballero, Tadeo Dietz   Runtime – 4:57

Untitled Short Film (2012)

Directed By – Mitchell Marion Produced By – Mitchell Marion Starring Stephanos Savvides, Reece Carter   Runtime – 3:16

Out (2013)

When a young man comes out to his family, he suddenly is faced with the reality of what the word “out” really means. Ben is a college freshman looking for acceptance in a world where equality and kindness can be hard to come by. His brother Adam comes to his rescue on several occasions, but …Read more »

My Straight Boyfriend (2002)

Produced By – AJ Productions, Zippity Duda Productions Starring Jon Jacobs, Stephanie Kostoupoulous, Gabriel Romero   Runtime – 4:53

It’s Consuming Me (2012)

I can’t move on. I wish I could. But I’m caught in the thought of what could have been, losing my grip on reality.   Directed By – Kai Stanicke  Produced By – Kai Stanicke  Starring Volkmar Leif Gilbert, Alberto Venceslau, Patrick Sonberger   Runtime – 3:09

Entre Amigos (2010)

A boy tries to find and accept his sexual identity.   Directed By – Martin Bautista Produced By – Martin Bautista Starring Shaanty Gonzalez, Victor Rodriguez   Runtime – 4:17

Change (2012)

Life without love could be depressing. Every day the sam rythm that tends to be boring. But sometimes there is a suprise in our everydays routine – another person that makes us smile.    Directed By – Niko Vallera Produced By – Kue Chang Starring Cody Behan, Niko Vallera   Runtime – 2:24

Celebration (2002)

Directed By – Daniel Stedman Starring Alex H. Krinsky, Kristen Vermilyea, Barry Zaslova   Runtime – 4:51

Anniversary (2012)

Jorge tries to find a way to make his one-year anniversary special and unique amongst existing cliched ideas.   Directed By – Aaron Chan Produced By – Aaron Chan Starring Ryan Clayton, Brendan James Boyd   Runtime – 3:39