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Chaser (2013)

Alienated from his conservative Jewish family and community, a promising, young, gay schoolteacher (Max Rhyser) seeks solace in New York’s barebacking scene.  Directed By – Sal Bardo Produced By – Sal Bardo Starring Max Rhyser, Rachel Claire, Ismael Cruz Cordova Runtime – 15:01

Mi Amigo Jaime (2013)

“Mi amigo Jaime”, tells the story of Dani, a young boy who shares a close friendship with his friend Jaime. Their relationship changes when Dani realizes she feels something more to his friend. Following these events, the lives of both experience an unexpected twist full of strong emotions. Directed By – Alejandro Beltran Produced By – ShortFilm …Read more »

Ageless (2013)

From the perspective of a couple in their 50’s and a couple in their 20’s, we see how love, sex and relationships are part of the lives these men. Directed By – Heath Daniels Produced By – Heath Daniels Starring Windham Beacham, Michael Massei, Michael J. Saul, Derek Efrain Villanueva Runtime – 3:42

Midnights with Adam (2013)

Over the course of one night, a newly out-of -the-closet young man struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight best friend while dealing with the problems and complications of being different in a hetero-normative world.   Directed By – Yudho Aditya Produced By – DTF Pictures Starring Paul Yen, Ben Whalen, Amanda Kathleen Ward   …Read more »

Out (2013)

When a young man comes out to his family, he suddenly is faced with the reality of what the word “out” really means. Ben is a college freshman looking for acceptance in a world where equality and kindness can be hard to come by. His brother Adam comes to his rescue on several occasions, but …Read more »

Wedding Plan (2013)

Hong-Kong-Canadian film director Quentin Lee has made a short film highlighting the practice of ‘fake’ marriages, where a gay man and lesbian woman marry, in China.   Directed By – Quentin Lee Produced By – Quentin Lee Starring Li Hong, Meng Ting Yi, Wei Jian Gang   Runtime – 2:31

Even We’re Apart (2013)

Sometimes love comes at the right time, from the right person but ends up in the wrong place. Does distance matter after all? Is it what they call true love that will survive through all of those obstacles? Even we’re apart … what you need is belief …   Directed By – Nguyen Dihn Anh Produced …Read more »

Lost (2013)

Directed By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong Produced By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong Starring Yang Yitao, Qu Xiaochun, Gao Shuang, Li Yang   Runtime – 16:10

Lovely Faggot (2013)

Walking around at the beach, Peter meets his classmate Chris. This guy is already tipsy and calls Peter a “faggot”. But he doesn’t take any shit from him. A short film about internalized homophobia.   Directed By – Falk Steinborn Produced By – Falk Steinborn   Runtime – 5:34

The Invention (2013)

A man struggling with his sexuality crosses paths with a student working on a time travel device which takes him to AN alternate universe and leads to his seduction. Directed By – Andy Mukherjee Produced By – AAC Films London Starring Matheus Guimaraes, Carl Leroy Runtime – 14:27