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Esteban (2012)

The story of an ordinary boy who explores new found feelings for a schoolmate/neighbor. These feelings are out of the ordinary and must be kept under wraps – but not all goes according to plan.   Directed By – Jesus Lopez Produced By – Groovy Jesus Motion Pictures Starring Jesus Lopez Jr, Jesus Lopez Sr, Judith Chavez, …Read more »

Eric (2012)

Directed By – Christian Ramirez Produced By – Lukasz Dzieciol Starring James Williams, Ron Alvarez   Runtime – 11:29

Diumenge (Sunday) (2012)

Directed By – Jordi Estape, Marc Vilajuana Produced By – EEscena 0 Starring Enric Domingo, Alex Duran, Enric González   Runtime – 13:31

Change (2012)

Life without love could be depressing. Every day the sam rythm that tends to be boring. But sometimes there is a suprise in our everydays routine – another person that makes us smile.    Directed By – Niko Vallera Produced By – Kue Chang Starring Cody Behan, Niko Vallera   Runtime – 2:24

Book of Love (2012)

An anniversary gift – a Scrapbook tells the story of a couple and how they fell in love with each other?   Directed By – Nakshatra Bagwe Produced By – Nakshatra Bagwe Starring Nakshatra Bagwe, Ankit Bhuptani   Runtime – 6:21

Anochecer (Nightfall) (2012)

There’s a moment, just one, where all the circumstances are given, and it is time to face the first step…   Directed By – Lucas Mac Dougall Produced By – Lucas Mac Dougall Starring Leandro Gauto, Juan Yarcho   Runtime – 9:00

Anniversary (2012)

Jorge tries to find a way to make his one-year anniversary special and unique amongst existing cliched ideas.   Directed By – Aaron Chan Produced By – Aaron Chan Starring Ryan Clayton, Brendan James Boyd   Runtime – 3:39

Utopies (Utopia) (2012)

Two young French men from different social backgrounds spend time together to know each other. They explore the suburbs around Paris and visit vacated utopian architectural projects built in an era when a better future for all was still the goal of society. Inspired, they hope for their own personal utopia where they are free …Read more »

Water (2012)

When he finds one of the boys injured at the hotel’s swimming pool, James offers his help and smuggles the boy into his room and locks the door. Locked up with a strange boy in his own room, James experiences the complexity of his own sexual feelings and insecurities for the first time. Directed By …Read more »

Violin (2012)

Two unlikely kindred spirits share an unlikely moment of intimacy with a violin. Directed By – Roman Ilyushenko Produced By – Arkfilm Productions Starring Johannes Huth, Hannes Sell Runtime – 11:23