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Battlefield (2012)

Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings of the situation, they struggle to realise the true connection they long for. Directed By – Tim Marshall Produced By – Tim Marshall Starring Alex Duncan, Heath Miller Runtime – 8:51

Water (2012)

When he finds one of the boys injured at the hotel’s swimming pool, James offers his help and smuggles the boy into his room and locks the door. Locked up with a strange boy in his own room, James experiences the complexity of his own sexual feelings and insecurities for the first time. Directed By …Read more »

Utopies (Utopia) (2012)

Two young French men from different social backgrounds spend time together to know each other. They explore the suburbs around Paris and visit vacated utopian architectural projects built in an era when a better future for all was still the goal of society. Inspired, they hope for their own personal utopia where they are free …Read more »

The Favor 2 (2012)

In this sequel to one of our most infamous short films, we encounter bigger gay misunderstandings… or do we?  Directed By – Harrison J. Bahe Produced By – Navajo Joe Films Starring Frank Prell, RJ Serra Runtime – 8:30

Faceless (2012)

Faceless is the story of that faceless person who doesn’t fit the stereotypical image in the gay community. From the perspective of a faceless man the film attempts to bring to the fore the problems of discrimination, segregation and white supremacy within the gay community in North America. Directed By – Karan Singh Produced By …Read more »

Golden Hair (2012)

Short film about unrequited love between two boys who struggle to tackle with their feelings and the views of their friends and families. The story follows Callum as he tries to come to terms with the break up of his first real love and coming to terms with his sexuality.   Directed By – Safyaan …Read more »

Homophobia (2012)

An adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. It’s their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons. Directed By – Gregor Schmidinger Produced By – Irrational Realm Productions Starring Michael Glantschnig, Josef Mohamed, Günther Sturmlechner, Harald Bodingbauer Runtime – 23:29

The Morning After (2012)

After a drunken night out, Harry’s world is turned upside down when as he awakens to discover a naked man, Thom, in his bed. stunned and confused he tries to make sense of his repressed desires. Directed By – Bruno Collins Produced By – Bruno Collins Starring Joshua Berg, Luke Striffler, Juliet Lundholm Runtime – 15:27

Un Chant d’Amour (2012)

Two prisoners longing for human contact and affection, a transcendent friendship in a simple act of sharing a cigarette.   Directed By – Sam Scott Schiavo Produced By – Sam Scott Schiavo Starring Patrick Hollensteiner, Patrick Melech   Runtime – 5:01

Diumenge (Sunday) (2012)

Directed By – Jordi Estape, Marc Vilajuana Produced By – EEscena 0 Starring Enric Domingo, Alex Duran, Enric González   Runtime – 13:31