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Wall (2010)

Waiting, craving, listening, downing….Miguel wants to hear what Peter has to say.   Directed By – Juanma Carrillo Produced By – Juanma Carrillo Starring Juan Caballero, Tadeo Dietz   Runtime – 4:57

Zwillinge (2010)

On the eve of his wedding Daniel meets again with his true love-his identical twin brother Jan. For the last five years he’s been running away from his feelings. Now, on his stag night he is being tested once more.   Directed By – Florian Gottschick Produced By – Sonke Kirchhof Starring Stefan Schonenberg, Tobias Schonenberg, Natalie …Read more »

Who We Are (2010)

Alex tries to rebuild his relationship with his best friend Michael after revealing his feelings for him. When Michael reluctantly agrees to attend a GSA meeting, he reaches a new level of acceptance for Alex. Michael’s parents battle between accepting what they’re religion suggests, and opening their minds to accepting people for who they are. …Read more »

ReSet (2010)

Assaf and Yotam. 26 year-old gay lovers, wake up one day to discover they’re 18 again and back in high-school, on the legendary day in which they became a couple.   Directed By – Yair Peri Produced By – Hilan Ben-Baruch, Inbal Magnezi Starring Assaf Averbuch, Gil Weiss, Einat Shahak   Runtime – 13:17

Kelly (2010)

21-year-old Michael finds himself chained to his basement wall when his Mother discovers a life-altering secret about him.   Directed By – Brian Rowe Produced By – Momentum Films Starring Ben Baur, Kalina Justice   Runtime – 8:13

Honeypot (2010)

A male public toilet on a remote beach: leaning against the wall is a gorgeous young man, who looks like a cowboy in an old cigarette ad. An Asian man appears. He’s doing the beat. He sees CowBoy, and smiles a shy smile — that man is way beyond his reach — but wait, he’s …Read more »

Gay Baby (2010)

What if you found out your unborn son is GAY? An expectant couple learns their unborn son is gay. Can a young gay store clerk change the father’s reaction from disappointment to excitement?   Directed By – Kevin Patrick Kelly Produced By – Wonder Entertainment Starring Larry Sullivan, Tye Olson, Beth Shea   Runtime – 8:45

Entre Amigos (2010)

A boy tries to find and accept his sexual identity.   Directed By – Martin Bautista Produced By – Martin Bautista Starring Shaanty Gonzalez, Victor Rodriguez   Runtime – 4:17

En Colo (Holiday Camp) (2010)

At a meeting of the game “Truth or Dare?” two young boys, Matthew and Maxime, are challenging to embrace. The kiss will cause them some excitement. From that time, teens who witnessed this scene are allusions more or less directly to the possible homosexuality of Maxime. A revelation will then destabilize the group.   Directed …Read more »

Dinero Facil (Easy Money) (2010)

Jaime, a young and attractive male prostitute, arrives to a hotel room to earn what he believes will be easy money. But to his surprise the client has a different deal in mind… Soon, the situation will take a turn to the unexpected.   Directed By – Carlos Montero Produced By – Carlos Montero Starring Mario Casas, Ales …Read more »