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Rapid Guy Movement (2004)

Directed By – Sean Michael Beyer Produced By – Eye Scream Films Starring Paul Katami, Bill Duggan   Runtime – 8:31

Plutot d’accord (2004)

Jeremie has a job recruiting subjects for testing. He’d rather recruit Rodrigue for something else entirely.   Directed By – Christophe Botti, Stephane Botti Produced By – Antiprod Starring Gregoire Hittner, Xavier Lafitte, Eleni Laiou   Runtime – 14:08

Love and Deaf (2004)

A talkative man finds Mr. Right in the men’s room.   Directed By – Adam Baran Produced By – Nancy Kim Starring Rich Delia, Brett Hemmerling   Runtime – 7:15

Fast Forward (2004)

Directed By – Alexis Van Stratum Produced By – Bavo Defurne Starring Geert Hunaerts, Matteo Simoni   Runtime – 5:22

Between the Boys (2004)

Voyeuristically exploring a relationship between two young men, which falls into the gray area between the sexual experimentation of adolescence and the world of adult emotions, Between the Boys glimpses into one of the few remaining taboos of current times.   Directed By – Jake Yuzna Produced By – Studio Warm Jets Starring Rick Stahlmann, Adam Vanderveen   …Read more »

What Grown-Ups Know (2004)

Teenaged Roy and his slutty mosther flee from his abusive father.  They run in trailer-park owner Maurice, to whom Roy is attracted.  As Roy’s mother begins to die, Roy may either seel alse security in Maurice’s arms or become a man and confront his mother’s ilness. Directed By – Jonathan Wald Produced By – Carrikalinga Films, Brown …Read more »

Running Without Sound (2004)

Coming to terms with who we are is hard enough to tell people, but for Sean he must come to terms with his exploration in a world that he cannot hear and a world that does not always hear him. A fascinating story of love, trust, and friendship. Directed By – Judd King Produced By – Judd …Read more »

Coffee (2004)

In this short comedic gay film with , a group of guys go to a coffee shop where the ex-girlfriend of one of the guys will also be present. He soon discovers his attraction to his ex girlfriends confident gay friend and clearly wants to do something about it.  Directed By – Todd Bartoo Produced …Read more »