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Pristine Books (2002)

A young British man is torn between the hard partying boyfriend he still loves and a successful older Australian man. Directed By – Adam Arkin, Felix Staica Produced By – Martin/Staica Films Starring Andy Cichannowsky, Samuel Evans, David G. Virgo Runtime – 7:01

My Straight Boyfriend (2002)

Produced By – AJ Productions, Zippity Duda Productions Starring Jon Jacobs, Stephanie Kostoupoulous, Gabriel Romero   Runtime – 4:53

Summer Blues (2002)

Mads and Kristian spend a summer weekend with their girlfriends at a summerhouse by the sea. When Mads and his girlfriend have a fight we find that Mads may love someone else more. Directed By – Frank Mosvold Produced By – Kool Productions Starring Kristoffer Berre Alberts, Hanne Bach Hansen, Tord Vandik Haugen Runtime – 23:38

The Visitor (2002)

Michael, at his beach-home in Australia, is avoiding phone calls regarding his dear lifelong friend and former lover of two-years Chris who is dying back in Boston, America. While trying to write, he is disturbed by the noisy surfers next door as they get ready for a weekend away of surf. C.K., one of the …Read more »

Fruhstuck? (Breakfast?) (2002)

Boris is smitten with Til. But when they are about to kiss for the first time an inter-loper joins them. Much to Boris’ dismay and Til’s delight. Will jealousy ruin everything?   Directed By – Alexander Pfeuffer Produced By – BoomtownMedia GmbH & Co. Starring Tobias Schenke, Nico Link, Anna Thalbach   Runtime – 13:01

Like a Brother (2002)

At a Labor Day picnic a gay teenager struggles to keep his cool as his best friend brags about the size of his muscles and other attributes.   Directed By – Alexandra T. Steele Produced By – University of Southern California (USC) Starring Damien Midkiff, Ryan Honey, Lane Anderson, Joe Ahmadyar   Runtime – 11:35

Paradisco (2002)

Francois picks up the handsome and much younger Nicolas. The morning after, they travel back in time to the era of Disco, when Francois was young. Directed By – Stephane Ly-Cuong Produced By – Athanor Studios Starring Jerome Pradon, Nicolas Larzul Runtime – 17:07

The Boy Im Going To Marry (2002)

A wedding day is shattered when the wife is suspected of cheating. However, there is more going on behind the alleged affair than she thinks.   Directed By – David Beerman Produced By – XXXX Productions Starring David Pinsof, David Blum, Liana Herzig   Runtime – 7:18

Into the Night (2002)

A lost and fragile rent boy meets a wealthy man playing out a lonely game. Over one night their lives intersect in unexpected ways, blurring the lines between betrayer and betrayed.   Directed By – Tony Krawitz Produced By – Rachel Clements, Melissa Johnston Starring Bryan Marshall, Sebastian Lamour   Runtime – 14:50

Safe Journey (2002)

The Kid has no money, no place to live and nowhere to go. He’s done more than he cares to admit just to survive on the streets.The Man has lost the one he loved. He is losing his eyesight. He’s selling all his possessions so nothing will be left to lose. Both are trapped, each …Read more »