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Accidently Gay (2001)

After having a night out on the town, two young “STRAIGHT” men wake up in the same bed together. They try to figure out the events, and things that took place between the two of them.    Directed By – Cameron Thrower Produced By – Cameron Thrower Starring Brandon Massey, Martin Belmana, Mikey McKernan   Runtime – 8:00

Chicken (2001)

Two boys hang out at a beach at dusk. A game of dare tests the limits of their trust and redefines the boundaries of their relationship. Directed By – Barry Dignam Produced By – Hit and Run Productions Starring Darren Healy, Niall O’Shea Runtime – 2:47

The Burning Boy (2001)

A closeted teenage gay boy shares a swim and an afternoon together with his straight best friend. When his looks and longing let his secret out, his friend pleasantly surprises him but an accident occurs and tragedy ensues.   Directed By – Kieran Galvin Produced By – Vizpoets Starring Cameron Ford, Josh Roberts   Runtime – 12:40

Freunde (The Whiz Kids) (2001)

Two sixteen year old boys, Marcos and Johannes, spend their days racing, wrestling, hanging out, watching videos and playing hide-and-seek at nights. A closeness develops between the two of them, which soon starts to become a calamity to their friendship.   Directed By – Jan Kruger, Oliver Schwabe Produced By – Academy of Media Arts Cologne Starring …Read more »

Sexy Grandpa (2001)

Directed By – Amy Slucter Produced By – University of Southern California (USC) Starring William Speers, Verna Chilton, Janet Hodge   Runtime – 5:26