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Midnights with Adam (2013)

Over the course of one night, a newly out-of -the-closet young man struggles to hold back his feelings for his straight best friend while dealing with the problems and complications of being different in a hetero-normative world.


Directed By – Yudho Aditya

Produced By – DTF Pictures


Paul Yen, Ben Whalen, Amanda Kathleen Ward


Runtime – 34:24

Mate (2012)

Bro, friend or just a mate from university? The relation between Adam and Tom is anything but clear. They know eachother from classes and like to play video games from time to time. But that’s not all, if you follow Adams thoughts.


Directed By – David Lange

Produced By – David Lange


Jorn Stern, Falk Steinborn


Runtime – 5:44

The Manual (2007)

Sonny, an eight year old boy, is sent away from home because his father believes he has characteristics that could lead to homosexuality. After twenty four years of treatment and psychiatric institutions, Sonny returns home for a funeral, and attempts to save his seven year old niece from experiencing a similar fate.


Directed By – Sarah Spillane

Produced By – Milko Productions


Brett Stiller, Sean Dwyer, Susie Porter, Steve Le Marquand


Runtime – 14:46

Lovely Faggot (2013)

Walking around at the beach, Peter meets his classmate Chris. This guy is already tipsy and calls Peter a “faggot”. But he doesn’t take any shit from him. A short film about internalized homophobia.


Directed By – Falk Steinborn

Produced By – Falk Steinborn


Runtime – 5:34

Love and Deaf (2004)

A talkative man finds Mr. Right in the men’s room.


Directed By – Adam Baran

Produced By – Nancy Kim


Rich Delia, Brett Hemmerling


Runtime – 7:15

Lo Que Quiero De Ti (What I Want from You) (2012)

Dario is obsessed with a guy. Victor is obsessed with all the guys.


Directed By – Miguel Lafuente

Produced By – Parandroid Films


Jaime Astuy, Juan Luis Peinado, Helena Puig


Runtime – 12:59

Lost (2013)

Directed By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong

Produced By – Deng Jie, Jin Yong


Yang Yitao, Qu Xiaochun, Gao Shuang, Li Yang


Runtime – 16:10

Lonesome Bridge (2005)

A gay college student stumbles into trouble when he falls in love with his homophobic suite mate.


Directed By – Brian Rowe

Produced By – Momentum Films


Ben Gaetanos, Austin Beckford, Aimee St. Piere


Runtime – 18:26

A Little Bit (2012)

A bittersweet drama that documents the relationship dynamics between two young men, Sam and Will, over a period of time, placing their romantic feelings under scrutiny. The film depicts their very human sense of fragility and vulnerability, but ultimately, also of their maturity.


Directed By – Terence Sham

Produced By – Terence Sham


Stuart Crowther, Robert Wynn


Runtime – 10:30

Like a Brother (2002)

At a Labor Day picnic a gay teenager struggles to keep his cool as his best friend brags about the size of his muscles and other attributes.


Directed By – Alexandra T. Steele

Produced By – University of Southern California (USC)


Damien Midkiff, Ryan Honey, Lane Anderson, Joe Ahmadyar


Runtime – 11:35