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Zwillinge (2010)

On the eve of his wedding Daniel meets again with his true love-his identical twin brother Jan. For the last five years he’s been running away from his feelings. Now, on his stag night he is being tested once more.


Directed By – Florian Gottschick

Produced By – Sonke Kirchhof


Stefan Schonenberg, Tobias Schonenberg, Natalie Krane


Runtime – 15:01

The Visitor (2002)

Michael, at his beach-home in Australia, is avoiding phone calls regarding his dear lifelong friend and former lover of two-years Chris who is dying back in Boston, America. While trying to write, he is disturbed by the noisy surfers next door as they get ready for a weekend away of surf. C.K., one of the surfers, remains behind to surf the local beach.


Directed By – Dan Castle

Produced By – Jour de Sete Films


Barry Otto, Nick Carpenter, Damian de Montemas


Runtime – 17:58

Vestido Nuevo (2007)

Directed By – Sergi Perez

Produced By – Escandalo FIlms


Ramon Novell, Sara Martin, Kevin Puertas


Runtime – 13:29

Untitled Short Film (2012)

Directed By – Mitchell Marion

Produced By – Mitchell Marion


Stephanos Savvides, Reece Carter


Runtime – 3:16

Workout Buddies: A Bro Love Story (2012)

Brian wants to get fit, so he enlists the help of his best friend and fitness expert, Miguel. Brian and Miguel begin working out at the gym together, and they are both having a great time. But eventually, Brian starts getting suspicious when he sees Miguel working out with another bro.


Directed By – Bubba Fish

Produced By – Bubba Fish


Bubba Fish, Michael Steves, Melanie Avalon


Runtime – 5:59

Who We Are (2010)

Alex tries to rebuild his relationship with his best friend Michael after revealing his feelings for him. When Michael reluctantly agrees to attend a GSA meeting, he reaches a new level of acceptance for Alex. Michael’s parents battle between accepting what they’re religion suggests, and opening their minds to accepting people for who they are.


Directed By – Sean Willis

Produced By – California State University Fullerton


Taylor Caldwell, Justin Fix, John Patrick Kelly


Runtime – 16:10

Who Leads (2011)

One couple’s new intense connection is questioned in the midst of the disintegration of another couple; who leads when four men come together?


Directed By – Bryan Darling

Produced By – Bryan Darling


Stephan Georgiou, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Brian Jansen, J.D. Rudometkin


Runtime – 8:11

Sexy Grandpa (2001)

Directed By – Amy Slucter

Produced By – University of Southern California (USC)


William Speers, Verna Chilton, Janet Hodge


Runtime – 5:26

Saint (1997)

This story of a roman soldier who is executed because of his Christian beliefs has been a staple of painters and sculptors since medieval times.


Directed By – Bavo Defurne

Produced By – Bavo Defurne


Olaf Nollen, Alexis Van Stratum


Runtime – 10:28

Safe Journey (2002)

The Kid has no money, no place to live and nowhere to go. He’s done more than he cares to admit just to survive on the streets.The Man has lost the one he loved. He is losing his eyesight. He’s selling all his possessions so nothing will be left to lose. Both are trapped, each alone until Fate brings them together one windy autumn night.


Directed By – S. Leo Chiang

Produced By – Eric Furie, Merley Agbeko Greenidge


Dennis Dun, Jay Michael Ferguson, Peter Holden


Runtime – 14:40