Out (2013)

When a young man comes out to his family, he suddenly is faced with the reality of what the word “out” really means. Ben is a college freshman looking for acceptance in a world where equality and kindness can be hard to come by. His brother Adam comes to his rescue on several occasions, but sometimes it’s just not enough


Directed By – Emily Bulkley 

Produced By – Emily Bulkley 


Tad Sallee, Daniel David Higgins 


Runtime – 4:59

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  1. <path_to_url> Jeff Hallett

    I do believe out was a incredibly outstanding film about brotherly love and how he stuck up for his brother and stood by his side despite the fact that he was gay.

    Their is one film in your list I’m trying to locate maybe you can help me out with by description. At the beginning the two boys are out on the driveway and he tells his companion he’s only going to be gone for a week. I can’t think of the titled of the film so if you could help locate I would appreciate.

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